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On Tap

Dirty Blonde Lager

ABV – 4% IBU – 11

We could throw a bunch of over used words to describe our lager. This is something you have to try!

Corunna Pale Ale

ABV – 6.4% IBU – 18.9

Our Corunna Pale Ale is a sure hit for those beginning to love IPA’s. Subtle notes of grapefruit, lime & tropical fruit, with a floral note is a palate pleaser. With mild bitterness, this is the bridge to becoming a true Craft Beer lover!

Kolsch Style Ale

ABV – 3.94% IBU – 18.6

200 Series Kolsch is a crisp and dry ale. It has low bitterness with a slightly hoppy clean aroma. Slightly bready with a touch of earthy hop flavour. Straw yellow in colour with a medium body and moderately low carbonation.

Pseudo Pilsner

ABV – 6.4% IBU – 22.6

Two Water twist on a classic. The same crisp Pilsner you are used to, with a hint of heirloom navel oranges to finish off your tasting experience.

Tropical Seltzer

ABV – 5%

Two Water’s 1st Seltzer! Tropical Flavour & Delicious, that’s all you need to know!


ABV – 4% IBU – 7.8

Embark on The Adventure as we set sail from Two Water. A sweet & sour beer with Himalayan sea salt & coriander, that is the proper way to prepare for your night out on the water.

Cream Ale

ABV – 5.1% IBU – 11

“BFD” – Bay of Funday – is a light bodied, pale straw coloured, silky ale. The perfect beer for the ‘non-crafties’ & perfect for a day by the pool or sitting on the dock. Bonus is we used locally grown Cascade hops from Backroads Hops Farm.

Pale Ale

ABV – 5.7% IBU – 27.5

This Pale Ale was named by a group of our trades patrons! The Layoff offers a pleasant aroma of creamy stonefruit with a zesty citrus note. Light bodied and golden yellow in colour, it is a great beer after a long day’s work.

Centennial Pale Ale

ABV – 5% IBU – 34.6

There is a reason that the Centennial hop is the favourite for many beer drinkers. A floral bouquet that dives into delicious citrus flavours.

Wheat Ale

POG – 5.25% IBU – 19.1

A POG (Passion Fruit, Orange Guava) flavoured American Pale Wheat beer. This is a sure crowd pleaser with moderate bitterness and tropical flavours that finishes smooth.

Double IPA

ABV – 9.5% IBU – 68.4

This uniquely American style Double IPA takes the cravings for hops & runs with it! Resulting in a beer with huge hoppy highs & deep malty depths with a high ABV to match. This beer is sure to be an Eye Opener!

Fruited Gose

ABV – 4.79% IBU – 7.8

Moderately sour with hints of sweet watermelon and restrained sea salt. Slightly fruity aroma. Low bitterness with no hop flavour. Acidity is noticeable, enhancing the refreshing quality of the beer. Straw yellow in colour with a medium-light body and moderate carbonation.

Amber Ale

ABV 5% IBU 20

An Amber Ale comprised of honey malt, It’s Not Your Parking Lot has subtle hop flavour that is light on the palate. A nice smooth beer for all to drink throughout the winter season!

West Coast IPA

ABV – 7.2% IBU – 43.6

Simple & clean with a medium body & bitterness. A mixture of galaxy & mosaic hops with notes of nectarine & pineapple. This is sure to be a GIANT hit!

Tangelo Berliner Weisse

ABV – 3.5% IBU – 3

Our Riverview Tangelo Berliner Weisse offers a moderate lasting sourness. With a clean lemon aroma and hints of grapefruit and tangerine, this light body, high carbonated beer is perfect for overlooking the river on a hot summer day.

Blueberry Ale

ABV 4.5% IBU 10

July to August is a wonderful time here in Ontario. It’s when our farmers grow some of the best blueberries Canada has to offer. In recognition of the hard effort our farmers go through, we here at Two Water would like to take you right to their door steps. A light tasting ale, that is sure to remind you of what summer really can be like. Cheers!

Belgian Dubbel

ABV 6.4% IBU 19.7

St. Clair delights the palate with rich caramel malts and subtle dark fruit notes, embodying the classic Belgian brewing tradition. Its deep, complex flavors and a touch of warmth make it a true beer lover’s treasure.

Milkshake IPA

ABV – 6.8% IBU – 26

Our Milkshake IPA is sure to hit all sorts of notes, from bitter sweet to strawberries & cream, to hints of honey dew melon. With a touch of earthiness & a velvet like mouth feel, Silverwood’s is sure to bring all the hops to the yard.

Mule / Seltzer

ABV 5%

Love Moscow Mules? Love a great Seltzer? Well this is pretty much a combination of both with a little more seltzer than mule!