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About us

How it all started

We at Two Water Brewing Co. are obviously Craft Beer fans as well! We aren’t talking ours, but hey we do love our beer! We actually love going on ‘brew tours’ and enjoying the fine beers here in Ontario. Actually we have done a few tours in other parts of Canada! There is nothing better than some good tunes, great friends & amazing beer. After seeing all of these amazing breweries, we thought, why not make one of our own. 2 of us can be brew masters, we already make some fantastic beer. 2 of us are business owners & know business well. 2 of us know hospitality & service excellence. Maybe that’s where the 2 in Two Water came from… hhhmmmmmmmm…..

We got everyone together & tossed the idea around & here we are now! Corunna’s Brewery! We really took a piece from every great brewery we went to & put them together to form what is Two Water Brewing Co. today.

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